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Organizers & Instructors

Organizers of the Summer Academy

Henny Riedl is a Master of Basketry and former teacher at the State School of Basketmaking, Lichtenfels. Henny Riedl explores with her art the possibilities and limitations of the given material. Although she puts her main focus on the work with willow because of its natural organic structure and surface, she also experiments with different materials and techniques.   www.die-flechterei.de

Monika Engelhardt


Instructors 2017

Marie Skinbjerg comes from a danish basket makers family. As a child she watched her parents weave traditional baskets from willow and rattan. This is how Marie started to learn the craft of weaving. In the last years she travelled a lot to explore and learn more about basketry and materials in other countries. Her expermimental and innovative way to combine old craft with mordern ideas is her way of interpretation of current basketry. Marie presents her work in her shop in Denmark.  www.kurvemageren.dk

Ulla Misser is a pioneer of the spanish Zarzo-technique. In Denmark she has been weaving for many years and is a well known as an experienced teacher in baskertry. She also has a small shop. www.raahaugegaardpil.dk

Lore Wild is a self employed basketmaker and artist. In her workshop she weaves on individual requests but she also does large scale willow artwork. She created big sculptures for garden shows or companies. Her workshop is located in Oberriexingen. www.lorewild.de

Carsten Baier finished the school of basketry in Lichtenfels in 2007. He worked with several well known basketmakers on big projects, was selfemployed and started to install a workshop for people with disabilities. Today he is a part time waever because he spends a lot of time with his young family. Today he runs a workshop in Lichtenfels and does all kinds of traditional waving on request – also furniture making.